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App Family makes adorable apps for kids

Our mission

We respect kids and their parents, and strive to make fun and educational games for young kids. Check out some of our games below!

Super Puzzle

If your kids like jigsaw puzzles, they will LOVE Super Puzzle! Amazing graphics, natural puzzle gameplay and fantastic surprise rewards make this one a must-have for kids moving on from shape puzzles. (View gameplay video)

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Peg Puzzle

Are puzzles your toddler's favorite toys? Check out Peg Puzzle, an adorable shape puzzle game for the little ones, with lots of laughter and fun. Beautiful HD graphics, high-quality sounds, 8 wildly different backgrounds and many puzzles to solve engage and amuse over and over. (View gameplay video)

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Peg Puzzle 2

The sequel to the popular game Peg Puzzle - even more laughter and fun with all-new levels! Play on the beach, in the desert, on the savannah, or in any other of 8 fabulous backgrounds.(View gameplay video)

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Peg Puzzle 3

The third game in the popular Peg Puzzle series - another great set of shape puzzles for toddlers! This time with robots, Halloween, cheerful vegetables and many more cute puzzles.(View gameplay video)

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Dino Adventure

Tired of puzzles? In Dino Adventure you dig for dinosaur bones by rubbing the screen. As you search for the bones, you might come across all kinds of random items, but when you finally find all the bones the dinosaur comes alive! There are 5 different kinds of dinosaurs with over 25 color combinations, and more than 90 random items to find. (View gameplay video)

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Dino Scratch and Color

A simple but fun scratch-to-reveal game with beautiful dinosaur images. Two game modes - either scratch off a surface layer or color a black-and-white image. Relaxing music and HD images make this a keeper. (View gameplay video)

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Animal Piano

Love music? Animal Piano lets you play funky tunes on 9 hilarious different pianos made out of... you guessed it, animals! As you play different special effects change the piano keys right under your fingers to keep your toddler jamming away. (View gameplay video)

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Balloon Pop

Could this be the best balloon pop game out there for little kids? Beautiful animations, lots of different balloons, cheerful music - and no ads!

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A quirky physics-based toy created for the youngest. Simple but fun. And, as Jean-Clawed himself would say: "No ads - just crabs!"

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